Help with your teenager…

You want to help your child lead a fulfilling life, get motivated, get out of their rut, make healthy choices.

Since James Dean appeared in ‘Rebel Without A Cause’, struggles between parents and teenagers have been ongoing.

As a parent and high school teacher, I know that conflict often arises with young people when they don’t feel heard. This is not to blame or condone anyone’s behavior. Parents may get stuck in the mindset of right vs. wrong. And teenagers may be reactive, and escalate for the sake of it. Hoping your child will heed your advice and stand corrected may be as unlikely as your teen expecting you to grant them their every desire. And it’s hard to think of solutions when you’re at loggerheads.

Speaking to parents, I know that you want your child to be happy, as s/he wants too. But the path you think will lead to happiness may be quite different from the one they’re on.

I have heard the concerns over and over again: I want to help my child lead a fulfilling life, get motivated, get out of their rut, make healthy choices…

As a conflict coach, I help defuse tension by listening deeply to everyone involved. When people feel heard, they start to relax and trust again, clear the blocks that are stopping them from living their potential.

Teenagers are crying out for autonomy. It may be very difficult to give them that autonomy when you think they’re behaving like children. But time and again, I have taught teens who don’t want to be told what to do. And when I have trusted that they know deep down where their passions lie, they have trusted that I might be able to help them reach their goals. Parents can learn those skills, and rebuild and strengthen their relationships with their children.

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